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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you loose any height in the back of the van with the roof down?
A: Hardly any, you loose a few millimeters at the very back which tapers down to zero by the time you reach the B pillars

Q: How much height does the roof add to the original van height?
A: On the VW it between 27 – 30mm, on the Custom, its slightly more but that’s because the original is a flat pressed steel  roof, where as the pop top roof is curved to give improve the overall appearance of the van. Both are extremely discrete

Q: Can you put roof bars on the pop tops and if so how much weight can they carry?
A: Yes, we install lots of roofs bars, mainly for cosmetic reasons. The roof will carry a decent static load (around 40kg), however the aerodynamic affect is harder to quantify, so for this reason for carrying larger items we suggest that you use our separate roof rack system, which attaches to the original roof rack mountings on the van, taking the pop top out of the equation

Q: How long does it take you to install a roof?
A: A straight forward installation can be done in a couple of days, however, we normally ask that we have the van for a full working week.

Q: Do you undertake any other conversion work, or is it just the pop tops?
A: Yes, we can do full conversions. As you can see on our web shop, we have our own range of furniture in various configurations which have been designed to compliment the Stealth roofs. We also stock and install pretty much everything else you would require, from carpet, electrical systems and Rock n Roll beds 

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