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Stealth Elevating Roofs

The Stealth Elevating Roofs have been designed by a team of Aerospace Engineers, using state-of-art design technologies to create the range of Super Low Profile, lightweight and easy to operate Pop Top Roofs.

The original ‘Stealth B2’, designed for the VW Transporters has now been joined by the Ford Transit Custom variant , known simply as the ‘Stealth FTC’. Both the ‘B2’ and the ‘FTC’ have been designed around our patented operating mechanism, which enables the roof to be super sleek but also  incredibly easy to use.

The VW StealthB2

Super low profile, with a large tent and sleeping area, this variant is super easy to operate. The B2 can be popped up and stowed back down in just a few seconds. Spacey, stylish – what’s not to love!

- Super low profile roof
- Super easy to pop up
- Drive away in seconds
- Fully trimmed and carpeted
- Bi-fold Bed
- Scenic tent option

From £4,295.00

Fully fitted, trimmed, carpeted and including the bi-fold bed-board

Ford Transit Custom Stealth FTC

The All New Ford Transit Custom ‘Stealth FTC’

Based on the same patented operating mechanism as the VW Stealth B2, the Stealth FTC also boasts a super low profile look, which actually enhances the appearance of the van. Locked down by 4 simple key operated latched the Stealth FTC looks great and again like its WV Stealth B2 cousin is also super easy to operate.

- Sleek Low Profile Design
- Patented operating mechanism
- 4 point latching system
- Super easy to operate
- Bi-fold Bed as standard
- Fully trimmed and carpeted

From £4,395.00

Fully fitted, trimmed, carpeted and including the bi-fold bed-board

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